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Jerry.K reveals tracklist and producers for ‘TRUE SELF’ album

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Earlier last week, Jerry.k released the tracklist and producers for his upcoming second album titled [TRUE SELF].

Known as the “Korean hip-hop’s greatest lyricist” and “the rapper who earned the emcee title”, Jerry.k plans to release his second album [TRUE SELF] on November 6, 2012.

Jerry.k has taken an interesting path in life: promoting music while in school, then working a salary job whilst majoring in the communication department at Seoul National University, being a part of the brand department for Hyundai Card, and co-owning Soul Company. In the end, he has chosen to live the life as a musician. Through this album, while finding his true self, he speaks in serious context of the worries, dreams, youth, passion, and other factors he came across during that duration in time.

In this album, emcees such as The Quiett, Paloalto, Dok2, Deepflow, TakeOne, Ugly Duck, as well as vocalists Park Yong In (of Urban Zakapa), Zion.T, Soulman, Soul One, and Nam JooHee (of Chic) took part in featuring for the album. Producers Prima Vista, G-Slow, Jaykidman, Kimparkchella, GRAY, SCARY’P, and Cam Bluff (from Australia) contributed with the production of the album. In addition, LA producer Swiff D, who produced tracks for Pac Div, 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Method Man & Redman, and David Banner, has helped produce two tracks from the upcoming album.

The title track “Good Night” is a relatable song to the members of society that want to sleep comfortably for one night as they await the end of a short weekend. The track is a charming combination of Kimparkchella’s sensible producing with Jerry.k’s rapping laid on top of the beat. Another notable feature to the track is the outstanding vocals by vocalist of Chic, Nam JooHee, who made it to the TOP 16 bands from the TV show “Band Survival TOP Band” and is currently a contestant on the third season of “Birth of a Great Star”.

Through this album, Jerry.k hopes to act as an indirect mentor to the youth who are dreaming through [TRUE SELF] which will serve as a guide for them in finding their identities. He wishes that this album can meet with someone that will become the catalyst for them to conquer their lives.


01. Nobody But Me [Prod. Swiff D] 02. Childish Ego (feat. Soul One) [Prod. Prima Vista] 03. Everybody Is a Star [Prod. Prima Vista] 04. 다 내꺼 (The Winner) [Prod. Swiff D] 05. Dreamer (feat. 박용인 of Urban Zakapa) [Prod. G-Slow] 06. 증명 (Prove) (feat. Ugly Duck, TakeOne & DJ Dopsh) [Prod. Jaykidman] 07. We Made Us [Prod. Prima Vista] 08. Who Killed’em [Prod. Prima Vista] 09. 마왕 part.2 (The Erlking part.2) [Prod. G-Slow] 10. You’re Not a Lady (feat. Zion.T) [Prod. GRAY] 11. 처음엔 다 그래 (Dafne) [Prod. SCARY’P] 12. 월요병 (Good Night) (feat. 남주희 of Chic) [Prod. Kimparkchella] 13. 소각로 (Interlude)
14. Dust 2 Dust [Prod. Prima Vista] 15. Fight Music (feat. DJ Wegun) [Prod. Cam Bluff] 16. Victorious (feat. Soulman) [Prod. Prima Vista] 17. Martini Talk [Prod. Jerry.k] 18. We All Made Us (feat. Paloalto, The Quiett, Deepflow & Dok2) [Prod. Prima Vista]

Jerry.k – Nobody But Me

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