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New tracks by Futuristic Swaver, JTONG, and Giriboy

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Check out Futuristic Swaver’s ‘International’, JTONG’s latest pre-release off his upcoming album, ‘누군가의 가슴이 뛰길’ [May Someone’s Heart Race], and Giriboy’s first pre-release ‘새벽4시’ [4 a.m.].

Futuristic Swaver has worked together with Taiwanese Barry Chen on the track ‘International’ that was produced by LAPTOPBOYBOY.

Lyrics by Barry Chen, Futuristic Swaver
Produced by Laptopboyboy
Mixed by Laptopboyboy
Artwork by Laptopboyboy

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JTONG has pre-released another track off his second full-length album ‘이정훈’ [Lee Junghoon] that will be released this month. Just like the other two pre-releases, ‘갈’ and ‘개량한복’, the lyrics are full of criticism towards the South Korean music market.

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Giriboy’s new mini album ‘외롬적인 4곡’ [4 Lonely Songs] will be released September 1. The tracklist has not been revealed yet, but via SoundCloud, Giriboy has pre-released ‘새벽4시’ [4 a.m.] today and revealed that it is the 4th track off the mini album.

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Source: hiphopplaya