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Release date: April 14

The digital single ‘Sunset Beach’ is the first pre-release off Pharoh’s upcomin full-length album. Kogason who released the album ‘Beat Generation‘ has worked with Pharoh on the track, adding his unique sound and originality to it. Unlike the beatmakers these days who follow the recent trends, you will be able to experience the two musician’s very own style. ‘Sunset Beach’ is an acoustic expression of anyone’s utopia and the place of their dreams. Since everyone imagines it differently, the background the two producers created leaves space for individual imaginations.

Pharoh - Sunset Beach (cover)

Executively produced by Sungyoung Hong
Produced by Pharoh
Lyrics by Pharoh
Composed by Kogason, Pharoh
Arranged by Kogason
Artwork designed by Yeonju Hong, PJ Park
MV directed by Sexy Dragon
Chorus by Pharoh, Ji-ae Kim
Mixed by Brian You
Mastered by Hyoyoung Choi of SUONO

Source: Mnet

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