Album covers of Hip-Hop, Fire, LINCOLN, and Claustrophobia

New singles by J-Dogg, Brown Sugar & Dead’P, Joosuc, and Sanchez

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J-Dogg - Hip-Hop (Feat. nuck, DJ Noah)

nuck of Infinite Flow, Souldive, and Bullhandang and jazz group Kumapark's member DJ Noah got together with J-Dogg for this track about hiphop, which questions these days' rapmaking, swagging, the importance of lyricism, and cliché hiphop tracks.


Produced by J-Dogg
Lyrics by J-Dogg, nuck
Composed and arranged by J-DOGG
Scratch session by DJ Noah
All instruments by J-Dogg
Recorded by J-Dogg at Beat Planet studio, nuck at 진공 Studio, DJ Noah at Luv Jones Records
Mixed and mastered by Kim Daehyun at Headbang Studio
Executive Producer: J-Dogg
Art directed by Deepflow

J-Dogg on iTunes

Brown Sugar X Dead'P - Fire

Producer Brown Sugar of WHITETEEZ XCLSV and rapper DEAD'P have released their first project single 'Fire', a ratchet track with a strong sound, hardcore-style lyrics and a vibe of twerking.


Produced by Brown Sugar
Composed & arranged by Brown Sugar
Lyrics by DEAD'P
Recorded by DEAD'P @ Black Cancer Studio
Mixed & mastered by Hwang Daewoong @ W XCLSV Studio
Artwork by Ceejay
Executive Producer: Lee Gisung (W XCLSV)

Dead'P on iTunes

Joosuc - LINCOLN

'LINCOLN' is a dreamy trap beat with an autotune melody that Joosuc produced together with 'Teacher Lee' of his new label KMG. The track was inspired by the story behind the statue of Abraham Lincoln that Joosuc saw in Manchester.


Produced by Joosuc
Lyrics by Joosuc
Composed by Joosuc
Arranged by Teacher Lee
Recorded by Teacher Lee @ KMG Studio
Chorus by Choi Dong-oh
Mixed and mastered by MasterKey @ MasterPiece SoundLab
Artwork by Joosuc
Executive Producer: Suk Gwang-il for KMG
Promotion & Artist Management Director: Lee Jin-gyoo for KMG
A&R Directors: Kim Yonghoon, Lee Jungwook for KMG
Artist Management: Park Chulwon for KMG

'LINCOLN' on iTunes

Sanchez - Claustrophobia (Feat. KillaGramz)

In this song, Sanchez uses the metaphor of a "waiting room" (the Korean title) to express the time we spend waiting and enduring until we reach our dreams.
"This song is for all the dreamers."


Produced by Sanchez, Zesty
Composed by Sanchez, Zesty
Lyrics by Sanchez, KillaGramz
Arranged by Zesty
Keyboard, bass & drums by Zesty
Chorus by Sanchez
Recorded by Sanchez at Sanchez's Music Factory, KillaGramz at KillaCat's Dreamhouse
Mixed and mastered by MasterKey at MasterPiece SoundLab
Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
MV & video art directed by T.W (OVIS)

Music Video

Sources: Mnet, Naver Music

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