Dialogue - DAL, PNSB - 천국행급행 (covers)

New singles by Dialogue, PNSB

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Dialogue – DAL

Hallyangsa‘s old rookie Dialogue has released the new single ‘달 (DAL)‘ (translates to: moon) today.

It was produced by SouLime Sound‘s main producer Krismaze who created a dreamy sound on which Dialogue’s rough rap and the addictive hook stand out. Using the half moon as a metaphor, Dialogue abstractly raps about how people can only see half of who he really is but still pretend that they know him and also expresses what he feels about it.
He also personally created the single’s artwork and plans to keep doing so for his upcoming releases.


Lyrics by Dialogue
Composed and arranged by Krismaze


Sources: Mnet, Naver Music

PNSB – 천국행급행


PNSB has released his first single album as part of the recently founded label Third Culture Kids today. It is titled ‘천국행급행’, the English title is Suicide Train while the Korean title literally translates to ‘Express Train to Heaven’.

PNSB noted: “I’ll steal all ya money” (니 돈을 다 뺏을 거야)


Lyrics by PNSB
Composed and arranged by Mood Schula
Produced by Third Culture Kids


Sources: Mnet, Naver Music