Covers of Born Kim and CMYK's new singles

New singles by Born Kim and CMYK

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Check out Born Kim’s new single and music video ‘좋은 꿈 꿔’ which was produced by Pe2ny, and CMYK’s ‘훠이훠이 (Out of My Zone)’ which was produced by FAME-J.

Born Kim - 좋은 꿈 꿔 (cover)

Born Kim – 좋은 꿈 꿔

Produced & composed by Pe2ny
Executively produced by Master Plan
Lyrics by Born Kim
Recorded by Park Taehwan @ THE PARK
Mixed by Pe2ny
Mastered by Junhoon ‘Big Boom’ @ Sonic Korea
Artwork by Park Daseul
Music video by PILLON

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Born Kim        

Born Kim has returned with the new single ‘좋은 꿈 꿔’ (Sweet Dreams) after releasing his first full-length album ‘FUTURE COLOR’, the EP ‘FUTURE SHOP’, participating in releases of Speaking Trumpet and Boyrock, and featuring for Artisan Beats, Deegie, Bulhandang, etc.
He received help from producer Pe2ny, and director PILLON (필롱) who has directed many independent movies. This single is the first part of a three-part series, and is about how Kim Kyungchul (Born Kim’s real name) became Born Kim. Unlike the aggressive rap style the listeners are used to from Born Kim, his rap on this single is very calm. The track has Pe2ny’s distinctive sound and lyrical melody, harmonically combined with Born Kim’s autobiographic lyrics and flexible flow.

Source: Mnet


CMYK - 훠이훠이 (Out of My Zone) cover

CMYK – 훠이훠이 (Out of My Zone)

Executively produced by FACTORY BOY RECORDS
Produced by FAME-J
Composed by FAME-J
Lyrics by Deffinite, Jeebag
Arranged by FAME-J
Background vocals by Deffinite, Jeebag
Keyboard, bass & drums by FAME-J
Recorded by FAME-J at FACTORY BOY Studio
Mixed and mastered by FAME-J at FACTORY BOY Studio
Artwork & design by 뉘누리 (Nwi Noori)

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Factory Boy    

CMYK of FACTORY BOY Records have released a new single titled ‘훠이훠이 (Out of My Zone)’. Deffinite and Jeebag rap on an upbeat sound, making use of the Korean onomatopoeia word ‘훠이훠이’ (hwoi-hwoi) which is used for chasing off bad things.

Source: Mnet