Nior - What's Your Name? / Layboy - Sorry Mom (Feat. Andup, Sik K) MVs

New MVs by nior and LAYBOY

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Check out the music videos for nior’s ‘What’s Your Name?’ and LAYBOY’s ‘Sorry Mom (Feat. Andup, SIK K)’.

nior, whose first mini album came out on August 21, has released the music video for the title track ‘What’s Your Name?’.

Produced by nior
Arranged by nior
Lyrics by nior
Guitar by JQ (Choi Junggyoo)
Bass by Seo Woojae
Chorus by nior, Ryoo Eunbi
Whistling by Chun Shiyoung
Mixed & mastered by nior

MV directed by lwa

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‘Sorry Mom’ is the second music video to be released off LAYBOY’s album ‘악 [AK]’ after the track ‘위로’ [Up].


Sorry Mom (Feat. Andup, SIK K)
Lyrics by LAYBOY, Andup, SIK K
Composed by JVON ON DA BEAT
Mixed & mastered by Morello

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