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New MVs by Babylon, Legit Goons, and Eluphant

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Check out the music videos for Babylon’s ‘Pray’, Legit Goons’ ‘Legit Rigidong’, and Eluphant’s ‘이사하는 날 (Souvenir) (feat. 계피 of 가을방학)’.


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Legit Goons have released their latest music video yesterday (29th). As the title says, the track is about Legit Goons having fun, and the video shows their candid and natural selves. Legit Goons’ members BLNK-TIME and Bassagong are about to finish work on each of their full-length albums ‘ColorUnique’ and ‘출항4’ [Departure 4], songs and music videos are coming up soon.

Produced by Authentic
Lyrics by BLNK-TIME, Bassagong, Jayho
Mixed & mastered by Jake
Video directed by BLNK-TIME

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Credit: Directed by @vo.eun

Eluphant’s full-length album ‘Man On The Moon’ is going to be released on July 08.

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