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New mixsets by DJ Dopsh, and DJ Tiz

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Check out DJ Dopsh’s latest mixset ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ and DJ Tiz’s mixset ‘Vacation’.

Yesterday, on August 27, the brand ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ was launched by designer Deezy. It uses the slogan ‘Same Old Shit’ for fashion, music, arts, and more. It is a brand that reaches into several areas of culture.
To celebrate its launch, DJ Dopsh has created this mixset.
Against the outdated view that “A mixset that includes only Korean hiphop is lacking,” he made this mixset according to the slogan ‘Same Old Shit’ with Korean hiphop only. His mix is as witty as usual, so even fans who just recently started listening to Korean hiphop can enjoy it.
DJ Dopsh commented: “It’s a collection of songs by those artists who do so well that you think they’re more than just human.”

You can download the mixset via SoundCloud.

01. On It (Remix) – Ja Mezz
02. On It – Lilboi
03. Reboot – Jaykidman (feat. Crucial Star, Louie, Take One Lilboi)
04. Act Right – Nafla
05. Dali Van Picasso – Beenzino
06. 11. Bon Appetit – Louie
07. 이 시간에 (Remix) – Jaykidman (feat. Crucial Star, Louie, Take One, Lilboi)
08. A.G.E. – E-Sens
09. Where You At Come Back Home 꼰대 이리와봐
10. 몸매 – Jay Park (feat. Ugly Duck)
11. 몸매 (Somdef Remix)
12. Simon Dominic (Bonus Track) – Simon Dominic
13. Simon Dominic – Simon Dominic
14. Writer’s Block – E-Sens
15. Untitled – Lilboi



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Cream Villa’s DJ Tiz who is doing various activities like scratching, mixing, juggling producing, concert planning and more has released a new free mixset titled ‘Vacation’.

Mixed by DJ Tiz



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