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Morello releases third single ‘Ma Bae’ featuring J.Counter and Stringer

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Morello, producer/engineer of Mezzotint, Purespace, and 912, has released his third single.

With the track ‘Ma Bae’, Morello continues to show diverse producing styles. It is a hiphop/R&B track based on the ‘Ratchet’ genre with a repetitive rhythm and an addictive melody. It features Rookies Game’s J.Counter and Stringer, who are in between mainstream and underground and have gained a large fanbase with songs like ‘멈춰’ [Stop], ‘비켜봐’ [Out of the Way], and ‘눈이 가’ [Looking]. After previously having worked well together with Morello, J.Counter and Stringer have joined hands with him again for this single.

Morello personally mixed and mastered the single and the artwork was done by Mezzotint’s director Eddie, who is active in various genres and fields.

Produced by MORELLO
Composed by MORELLO, J.Counter, Stringer
Lyrics by J.Counter, Stringer
Mixed and mastered by MORELLO
Artwork by EDDIE



MV Credits:
Planning, sound editing: MORELLO
Direction, video editing: EDDIE
Filming: EDDIE, Kinye, YeonWoo
Photos: YeonWoo
Special thanks to DJ RowBow, DJ U-ZI

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