Moonshine - Crush on You (album cover)

Moonshine releases single ‘Crush on You (Feat. Superbee)’

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Singer Moonshine has released the single ‘이상해 (Crush on You)’ today which features Superbee who recently joined Ghood Life Crew.

This groovy track was produced by hit producers Won Youngheon and 동네형 (Hyung from the Neighborhood) together with ESBEE who has produced her share of hits too. The Korean title ‘이상해’ (strange) refers to how strange but yet good it is that one feels more confident and bold when together with one’s lover.
Moonshine previously released tracks together with Reddy, Dok2, Molly D, and New Champ.

‘Crush on You’ is available on iTunes

Executive Producer: Suk Gwang-il for KMG
Producers: 동네형, Won Youngheon, Esbee
Promotion & Artist Management Director: Lee Jin-gyoo for KMG

Lyrics by Esbee, 동네형, Won Youngheon, Superbee
Composed by 동네형, Won Youngheon, Esbee
Arranged by 동네형, Won Youngheon, Esbee
Chorus by Esbee
Piano by Lee Yangban
Keyboard, Bass & Drums: 동네형, Won Youngheon
Guitar by Jung Soowan
Recorded by Kang Haegoo @ SOUND POOL studio
Mixed and mastered by Master Key @ Masterpiece SoundLab
Cover Designed by Colin H.

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Source: Naver Music