Molly.D - MOLLYDAY (album cover)

Molly.D releases second LP ‘MOLLYDAY’

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Molly.D of neuron music has released his second full-length album with featurings by 8Dro, Crucial Star, and more, as well as the music video of the title track ‘Nap (Feat. Paul Kim)’.

Molly.D debuted in 2009 with ‘Mollywood Classic Vol.1‘, a full-length album featuring rappers like InnoVator, Crucial Star, Basick, and Deepflow. ‘MOLLYDAY‘ is his second LP of which two tracks have already been pre-released: ‘A.O.M.M‘ and ‘BLUE‘. Listen to the album preview below and watch the adorable ‘Nap’ music/lyric video created by neuron music and Breeative.

Track List & Molly.D’s Descriptions:
  1. 낮잠 (Nap) (feat. Paul Kim) TITLE
    The tiring daily life. I wanted to make a song that would ease people’s stress.
    I wanted it to be like, “I’ll just quit all of it and go travelling,” but not even I can actually do that. Yeah .. let’s just take a nap.
  2. BLUE (feat. 8Dro)
    As for this song, I just left the lyrics to my current mood without any specific goal in mind.
    When I realized what was going on I had made this song called ‘BLUE’ and asked 8Dro to feature on it.
    It happens at least once, when there’s something I don’t want to do I just procrastinate
    What can I do when I feel like this? I just need an umbrella
  3. Domino (feat. 피데이) TITLE
    They need to be thrown down? Dropped down? Pushed down?
    Anyway, in order to advance, this thing has to be done
    and no matter which expression is used, it is so similar to us right now.
  4. Hook (feat. Loki)
    This song is about all the meanings of the word ‘Hook’.
  5. Another Chapter (feat. 채군, 유수)
    This is probably the song that my longtime fans are the most curious about.
    Ten years since ‘늘픔패거리’s album came out, the three of us are on one track again.
  6. 위험해 (That Day)
    While working, each track got an ending or a type of a solution
    but after making this song and listening to it from beginning to end again, I’m having a hard time.
    No matter how much I think about it, there is no solution for this one.
  7. FLY (feat. 엄프, 채군, 피데이)
  8. No Lie (feat. Crucial Star)
    In this track I honestly wrote my story and my thoughts.
  9. A.O.M.M
    As often as the phrase ‘You’re Always On My Mind’ comes out in this song, as often do I think about that person.
  10. 나 그래도 해 (Bullshit Part 2) (feat. 탁연) (CD ONLY)
    Just like the inofficially released ‘개소리’ (Bullshit), this sequel to the track featurse 탁연.
    This is the first time 탁연 is releasing an official track under his new artist name since changing it from ‘Def.y’.

Executive Producers: Jinwoo Park, Donggyoon Jang for neuron music
Produced by Donnie J, Mirror Boy, Sumsher, RogueNation
Composed by Molly.D, Paul Kim, Donnie J, Mirror Boy, Sumsher, RogueNation
Written by Molly.D, Paul Kim, Crucial Star, 8Dro, 피데이, Loki, 채군, 유수, 엄프, 탁연
Arranged by Donnie J, Mirror Boy, Sumsher, RogueNation
Chorus by Paul Kim, Loki, Donnie J
Keyboards by Donnie J, Mirror Boy, Sumsher, RogueNation
Bass by JT Kim
Guitars by Younghoon Choi
Recording Engineer: Make Will at neuron Studio, Korea
Mixing Engineers: Make Will, Donnie J at neuron Studio, Korea
Mastering Engineer: Claudio Cueni at EARTHTONES, USA
Photographer: Youngjoon Lee
Hair, Make Up: Jeean Choi, Seunghee Choi
Stylist: Hyunji Min
Album Cover: Jinyoung Kim at Studio-8Frame

Album Previews:

‘Nap’ MV:

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Source: Mnet

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