Cliff Boyz - Asphalt Musica mixtape Vol. 1 cover

Cliff Boyz release ‘Cliff Boyz Mixtape Vol. 1’

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19 years old hip hop duo Cliff Boyz recently released their mixtape titled [Cliff Boyz Mixtape Vol.1].

Cliff Boyz’ mixtape features LOYAL CLASS Crew’s HUGE BOY MINO in the track ‘(Growing) 성장기’ and Grandpix Entertainment’s ILLIPSE and COMA’s MIGHT in ‘ARTROOPS.’

Check out the tracklist and download link for [Cliff Boyz Mixtape Vol.1] below:


1.intro 도약(prod by wikiyoung)
2.only hiphop(prod by wikiyoung)
3.혼자서는(beat jay rock hood gone love it)
4.물로봣거나(prod by wikiyoung)
5.face off(prod by grenouille)
6.성장기(feat mino)
7.CLIFF(prud grenouille)
8.LIFE CYCLE(beat Gunplay – Bible On The Dash)
9.SECRET LOVE(produce by wikiyoung)

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