MISTA-C - 내 맘에 비가 내리네 (Feat. Masstige, APEX of G.L) cover

MISTA-C releases single ‘내 맘에 비가 내리네 (Feat. Masstige, APEX of G.L)’

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Those who are in the know have all heard of actor and musician MISTA-C from ‘Lee Changhoon and the Tired People’ who represents Busan. Today, he has released his new single ‘내 맘에 비가 내리네’ [It’s Raining in My Heart] on all Korean music portals.
On the beat by Champon Music’s 왜냐구 (Wae-nyagu, roughly translates to ‘Because’) feature G.L’s APEX and Alive Music’s Masstige. The album cover was drawn by artist Kim Joonsoo, recording and mastering were both done by Masstige at his H.C Studio.

This song is especially impressive thanks to MISTA-C’s deep voice and his unusual pronunciation, as well as thanks to the gloomy lyrics. Look out for MISTA-C’s acting and music activities this year!

Executive producer: MISTA-C
Producer: 왜냐구
Mixing engineer: Masstige
Recorded and mastered by Masstige at H.C Studio


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