Miryo, GiantPink - Rock-Scissors-Paper (album cover)

Miryo & GiantPink release maxi single and MV ‘Rock-Scissors-Paper’

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Miryo and GiantPink of AIKM (All I Know Music) have released the three-track single ‘Rock-Scissors-Paper (가위 바위 보)‘ today.

The single contains the two ladies’ collaboration ‘Rock-Scissors-Paper (가위 바위 보)’ as well as Miryo’s popular track ‘Hey I’m a n-e-r-d (잉여의 하루)’ and GiantPink’s ‘Money Making (돈벌이)’. The title track ‘Rock-Scissors-Paper’ says that “no matter what kind of hand I have, I will win.” The repetitive hook will quickly resound in your ears.

‘Miryo, GiantPink – Rock-Scissors-Paper’ on iTunes
Track List & Credits:
  1. 가위 바위 보 (Rock-Scissors-Paper)
    Lyrics by Miryo, GiantPink | Composed by Robin, BRONZE, Kjun | Arranged by Robin, BRONZE
  2. 잉여의 하루 (Hey I’m a n-e-r-d)
    Lyrics by Miryo | Composed and arranged by PEEJAY
  3. 돈벌이 (Money Making) (Feat. 덕배)
    Lyrics by GiantPink, 덕배 (Dukbae) | Composed and arranged by GOOD MAKER

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