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Minje releases ‘Mojo’ EP

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Alternative R&B artist Minje’s new EP ‘Mojo’ is coming out in about one hour at midnight KST.
‘Mojo’ is made up of four tracks. Minje received help producing them by Mood Schula, LOBOTOMY, Hukky Shibaseki, and Graye. The album was mixed and mastered by Boost Knob, its artwork made by MHY, the music video of ‘Do’ (below) directed by LEE-BANG, and STONESHIP was in charge of the album production and A&R.

Minje has released several singles so far, for example ‘Maria’, ‘Video Kid (Feat. Keith Ape)’, ‘Fetish’. The ‘Mojo’ EP this time will not only be released online but soon offline as well.

‘Mojo’ is now available on iTunes.

Tracklist and credits (tentative English titles in squared brackets):
1. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
Produced by Mood Schula, LOBOTOMY, Minje
Lyrics by Minje
Arranged by Mood Schula, LOBOTOMY

2. ㅣ약ㅣ[Drugs/Medicine].
Produced by Hukky Shibaseki, Minje
Lyrics by Minje
Arranged by Hukky Shibaseki

3. Do
Produced by Minje
Lyrics by Minje
Arranged by Minje, Jun Beck
Guitar by Lee Taehoon
Bass by Kim Jaeho
Drum by Choi Gyoochul (Camelo)
Keyboard by Jun Beck
Synth by Graye

4. Stone’N’Ice
Produced by Graye, Minje
Arranged by Graye
Guitar by Oh Joonho

Executive producers: DDOLBAE, Minje
Production: STONESHIP
Recording engineers: Boost Knob, Alshain
Mixing & mastering engineer: Boost Knob
A&R director: Suk Chanwoo
A&R management: Lim Heejung
Management: Suk Chanwoo, Lee Gwanbok
Artwork by MHY
MV directed by LEE-BANG



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