Microdot - Shake It (album cover)

Microdot releases single ‘Shake It (Feat. Loco)’

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Microdot has released a new single today. ‘흔들어대 (Shake It)‘ features Loco.

No matter where Microdot goes now, no matter which country or stage, people know his music and shake along to it. He says it would be a waste to be on social networks all the time, so fans should rather listen to his music and have fun.

‘Shake It’ on iTunes

Lyrics by Microdot, Loco
Composed and arranged by Stoner
Instruments by Stoner
Album cover by Damie Li (OVIS)
MV directed and produced by T.W (OVIS)
MV animations by SB91 (OVIS)

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Source: Mnet