Microdot - Welcome to the Jungle (album cover)

Microdot releases single and MV ‘Welcome to the Jungle (with KangNam, Kim Byung-man)’

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Microdot has released the single and music video ‘Welcome to the Jungle (prod. by Zesty)’ together with KangNam and Kim Byung-man for the TV show Law of the Jungle.

Welcome To The Jungle‘ is a track about the law of the jungle. The jungle it describes is a place full of fear and worries but the song also contains the will to fight the hardships in the jungle in order to survive.
The music video shows Microdot, KangNam, and Kim Byung-man during the recording of the song.

‘Welcome to the Jungle’ on iTunes

Executive Producer: Microdot
Produced by Zesty
Co-produced by Stoner Tunes
Performed by Kim Byung-man, KangNam, Microdot
Guitar by 송승우 (Seungwoo Song)
Lyrics written by Microdot, Stoner Tunes
Composed by Microdot, Zesty, Stoner Tunes
Arranged by Zesty, Stoner Tunes
Recorded & mixed by Pray4
Mastered by Marcus ‘Avec Plaiser’ Hahm
MV directed by Guns Lee
Cover artwork by Dongwoo Sohn

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Source: Mnet