Mayson The Soul - Somebody (cover)

Mayson The Soul releases ‘Somebody (feat. Paloalto and Ugly Duck)’ MV

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Mayson The Soul releases his song and music video for, “Somebody”, featuring Paloalto and Ugly Duck.

From Mayson The Soul (translated into English):

This song is actually one that I had made last year. However, it was kept unreleased because it didn’t seem to fit the flow of my other songs. By chance, when Paloalto and I were talking about working together, this song came to mind. Ugly Duck also willingly said he would participate, so we all started working together. Firstly, I wanted to incorporate the guitar tones from my favorite bands ‘Franz Ferdinand’ and ‘The Kooks’, so I re-recorded the song and sequenced the drum to create a less refined sound. The basic background theme is the early morning on a weekend, when everyone is drunk– it started off with the idea that I’m just your somebody, and you’re just my somebody. I thought about my experiences at the club, and rather easily started writing the lyrics. For Paloalto’s part in the 2nd verse, the lyrics are what he thinks about “SOMEBODY”. Although it’s different from my lyrics, the overall mood is similar. Ugly Duck showcases a great verse with his unique tone. I did have thoughts that people who have been fans of my music may hesitate when listening to this song; however I believe that it is the perfect song to start off the new year. If you could enjoy and have fun listening to the song, that’s all I ask!

Check out the music video below:

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