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Masstige pre-releases ‘멋 (Feat. G2, Jang Youseok)’ off upcoming full-length album

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On January 29, Masstige of Busan-based label Alive Music has pre-released the single ‘멋 (Feat. G2, Jang Youseok)’ off his first full-length album that will be released this month.

“멋” translates to coolness, style, or swag. In the song, each of the rappers expresses their thoughts about the true meaning of coolness in his own way. The featured artists are Hi-Lite Records’ new member G2 who has recently released the single ‘식구‘ [Family], and Jang Youseok of DIPCOIN and AVLX who has been active as part of ILLAP and Wavisabiroom and recently released his first full-length album ‘장유석’ [Jang Youseok]. Sway D, who has also joined Hi-Lite Records very recently, lend a helping hand in composing and arranging.

Four artists with distinct individualities and strong characters meet on this track. It fully satisfies fans’ expectations for Masstige’s first full-length album that will be released soon.

01 멋 (feat. G2, Jang Youseok)
Lyrics: Masstige, G2, Jang Youseok
Composition and arrangement: Sway D

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