Mad Clown - 거짓말 (album cover)

Mad Clown releases single and MV ‘거짓말 (Feat. Lee Haeri of Davichi)’

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Mad Clown has released the rap ballad ‘거짓말(Lies) today which was produced by Loptimist.

The single’s motif is taken from one of Charles Bukowski’s works. The hook that describes the break-up reminds of a trot song, while the rap verses just hint at the break-up. These two different standpoints are accompanied by the guitar sound of the nation’s best guitarist Ham Choonho.
‘거짓말’ (Lies) is just one love-centered piece of Mad Clown’s next album that is set for release at the beginning of next year.


Lyrics by Mad Clown
Composed and arranged by Loptimist
MV directed by Mustache Films

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