Mad Clown - Love Is A Dog From Hell (album cover)

Mad Clown releases ‘Love Is a Dog from Hell’ EP

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Mad Clown has released his fourth mini album today.

The title was taken from Charles Bukowski’s book of the same name and reveals that the album is about love. Although the topic is nothing special, with his typical style and witty storytelling, Mad Clown stays well away from clichés.
Talented artists like producer team GroovyRoom, newcomers acacy and Sundaycandy, rapper JUSTHIS, and more participated in the tracks.

‘Love Is a Dog from Hell’ on iTunes
Track List & Credits:
  1. 거짓말 (Lie) (Feat. Haeri Lee of Davichi)
    Lyrics by Mad Clown | Composed and arranged by Loptimist
  2. 사랑은 지옥에서 온 개 (Love Is a Dog from Hell) (Feat. Suran) TITLE
    Lyrics by Mad Clown | Composed by Mad Clown, GroovyRoom | Arranged by GroovyRoom | MV by Mustache Films
  3. 우리집을 못 찾겠군요 (Lost Without You) (Feat. Bolbbalgan4)
    Lyrics by Mad Clown | Composed by Mad Clown, Ye-Yo! | Arranged by Ye-Yo!
  4. Roses (Feat. acacy)
    Lyrics by Mad Clown, acacy | Composed by Sundaycandy, acacy | Arranged by Sundaycandy
  5. 나쁜 피 (Common Cold REMIX) (Feat. JUSTHIS)
    Lyrics by Mad Clown, JUSTHIS | Composed and arranged by Ye-Yo!

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