LX - Relax and Chill (Feat. Peter of One Way) cover

LX releases ‘Relax and Chill’ featuring Peter of One Way

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Rapper LX brings us jazzy mellow hiphop, give it a listen!
His new song ‘Relax and Chill’ tells our busy and fast-living society about the esthetics of slowness. A light and cheerful beat over a jazzy guitar melody, the sweet and emotional vocals of One Way’s Peter, and in between LX’s charming rap. Listening to these, all we busy people will find ourselves slowly relaxing our shoulders and starting to move them to the rhythm.

LX will show his various musical colors from now on, and it makes you look forward to his next work. He is also active as the main MC of a hiphop team called ‘흉배’ [Hyoongbae] and is in all kinds of other project teams with several artists. His name is expected to be heard here and there in the Korean hiphop scene for a while.

The music video was directed by Dream Perfect Regime and there are cameos by hiphop artist YDG and by Park Joohyun, member of girl group TOP.IC.

Executive Producer: LX
Producer: Scarecrow Beats
Recording Studio: Benison Studio
Mixing engineer: Park Jongbum @ Hotbox
Mastering: Sung Jihoon @ JFS Mastering
Electric guitar: Oh Jinwoo
Artwork: Hong Mirae


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