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Lutto releases ‘Luttopia 2’ EP

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Rapper Lutto of Billinism Crew has released his second mini album ‘Luttopia 2’, as well as the music video for its title track ‘Simple n Honest’ featuring Don Mills.

Luttopia 2 (루또피아: 초록하늘섬)‘ (lit.: greenskyisland) is the second part of Lutto‘s first mini album ‘Luttopia’ which was released last November.
All tracks off this album were composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by PaMer, the artwork created by Bakey, and the tracks feature Jin Doggae, Don Mills, and Sickloo.
In the first part, Lutto rapped about positive energy and happiness, now he is still rapping about his life, pretending to be happy, and the Luttopia series will continue.

The sky in Luttopia was green.

Track List & Credits:
  1. 라이트형제 (Wright Brothers) (Feat. Jin Doggae)
  2. 저가항공
  3. 마냥 (Elated)
  4. 산능선 (Feat. Sickloo)
  5. 소박 (Simple n Honest) (Feat. Don Mills) TITLE
  6. 같은노래
  7. 호미

Produced by PaMer
Lyrics by LUTTO, Jin Doggae, Don Mills, Sickloo
Recorded by PaMer at UnFramed Studio
Mixed & mastered by PaMer
Artwork by Bakey
MV directed, filmed, photographed, and edited by RYHIAN
MV starring Lutto, Don Mills, Sickloo, Odd Eye, Steven J, Gimmiky, Dbo
Styling by Steven J and Dong-yoon Kim for AHEAD
Location provided by AHEAD

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Source: Mnet