Lugoh - 너와 (album cover)

Lugoh releases digital single and MV ‘너와 (Feat. Olltii, Xitsuh)’

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Lugoh of ADV released the single ‘너와 [With You] (Feat. Olltii, Xitsuh)’ yesterday, October 9.

This is his first release ater changing his artist name from Lupi (루피) to Lugoh (루고). The song is dreamy and sexy and features Lugoh’s fellow ADV Crew members Olltii and Xitsuh, aka Seo Chulgu, as well as gJ.


Lyrics by Lugoh, Olltii, Seo Chulgu
Composed by gJ, Olltii
Arranged by gJ
Mixed by gJ
Mastered by Theoria
Music video directed by Aezik
Cover art by Jinwang

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Source: Mnet