Loptimist - Yam Scene (cover)

Loptimist releases single ‘Yam Scene’

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Loptimist has released his new single ‘얌신’ (Yam Scene) on March 30.

The title is an abbreviation of the two Korean words ‘얌전하다’ and ‘신나진다’ which means mild and fun and describes the track’s atmosphere. Loptimist asked his fans on Facebook for their opinion and chose the title together with them.
The point of the track is that it begins with a calm sound and then changes to strong drums and synthesizer. Vocal samples that can be heard throughout the track make the listening experience more fun.
‘Yam Scene’ has no lyrics, which makes the listener concentrate more on the beat, and it is the curtain raiser for more of Loptimist’s producing work.


Composed and arranged by Loptimist
Synthesizer by Loptimist
Bass by Seo Jung-woo

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Source: Naver Music