Loptimist - Beat Language (album cover)

Loptimist releases single ‘Beat Language’

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Loptimist has released the instrumental single ‘Beat Language‘ today which is made up of two tracks.

Considering the beat a language of its own, Loptimist connects his track ‘Yam Scene‘ and ‘Che Bella‘ via the new track ‘Babe’.
It is made up of swing-sounding hiphop drums on synth chords and a vocal chop sample.
‘Seoul Disco’ is a Seoul Bossa Nova track which starts off like a jazz song but then explodes with drums and a sample. Through this track, Loptimist sensibly expresses what he sees as Seoul’s disco music.

Look forward to more of Loptimist’s music who is making the instrumental hiphop scene his very own.


Composed by Loptimist
Synth by Loptimist

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Source: Mnet