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LOCO’s first full-length album ‘BLEACHED’ and the music video for its title track ‘지나쳐 (Feat. DEAN)’ are out!

Bleached: [intransitive, transitive] to become white or pale by a chemical process or by the effect of light from the sun; to make something white or pale in this way.

Since the 2014 ‘Locomotive‘ EP, LOCO has kept going straight ahead like a locomotive. Three years after he participated in a survival program as a nobody and won, he is participating in the same program as a producer. Each song he has released has seized the charts and in the blink of an eye he was no longer called a “rookie” but a “hit musician.”
Fast but step by step without leaving anything out, LOCO has grown as an artist and now his music is shining in a bright light.

BLEACHED‘ is a metaphor for the changes in LOCO’s life, for the dark parts turning white. The album tells of the hard times LOCO went through, how he overcame them and got to where he is now. He expresses gratitude for the present and his resolutions for the future.

‘Bleached’ on iTunes
Track List, Credits & MVs:
  1. A.O.M.G.
    Lyrics written by LOCO
    Composed and arranged by GRAY
    Lyrics written by LOCO, DPR LIVE
    Composed and arranged by GooseBumps
    MV by Christian Yu (DPR Visuals)
  3. So Bad (Feat. Sik-K)
    Lyrics written by LOCO, Sik-K
    Composed by WOOGIE, LOCO | Arranged by WOOGIE
  4. 호랑이 (Macan)
    Lyrics written by LOCO
    Composed by Vision, LOCO | Arranged by Vision
  5. 입버릇처럼 (Like I’m Saying)
    Lyrics written by LOCO
    Composed by WOOGIE, LOCO | Arranged by WOOGIE
  6. 지나쳐 (Too Much) (Feat. DEAN) TITLE
    Lyrics written by LOCO, DEAN
    Composed by GRAY, LOCO, DEAN
    Arranged by GRAY
  7. 열심히 살아보니 (skit) (CD Only)
    Lyrics written by LOCO, Code Kunst, WOOGIE, U-Turn
    Composed by U-Turn | Arranged by WOOGIE, U-Turn
  8. 아침은 까맣고 (Brighten Your Night)
    Lyrics written by LOCO | Composed and arranged by Thurxday
    MV by ARfilm
  9. DA DA DA (Feat. Hoody)
    Lyrics written by LOCO, Hoody
    Composed by Thurxday, Jetti, LOCO, Hoody | Arranged by Thurxday
    MV by August Frogs
  10. 남아있어 (Still) (Feat. Crush)
    Lyrics written by LOCO, CRUSH
    Composed by WOOGIE, LOCO, CRUSH | Arranged by WOOGIE
  11. 너도 (You Too) (Feat. Cha Cha Malone)
    Lyrics written by LOCO, Cha Cha Malone
    Composed by WOOGIE, Dong-yeon Gee, LOCO, Cha Cha Malone | Arranged by WOOGIE, Dong-yeon Gee
  12. 다시 앞으로 (Rewind) (Feat. SUMIN)
    Lyrics written by LOCO, SUMIN
    Composed by SUMIN, Vision | Arranged by Vision
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