Legit Goons - Junk Drunk Love (album cover)

Legit Goons release ‘Junk Drunk Love’ LP

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Legit Goons Crew have released their third compilation album today. ‘Junk Drunk Love’ is about the crew members’ simple daily lives and the hopes and dreams of underground musicians.

Legit Goons are a group of eleven members, who are rappers, producers, video directors, art directors, etc.: BLNK TIMEBassagongJayho, AuthenticCode Kunst, iDealYOSIBiglightbeatz, Cocky, Booroo, and 해파리 (Jellyfish).

For a long time, they have been eating instant food. The life of an unknown musician is no different from stimulating junk food. However, Legit Goons are a group of people who got together out of pride for that kind of life.

In the summer of 2017, they started working on their album with cheeseburgers and French fries. The Junk food gnaws at their health and their daily life is stained by getting Drunk. Yet, they have endless Love and passion for that boring lifestyle. ‘Junk Drunk Love‘ is the attitude with which Legit Goons go through life.

In the harsh independent scene, only the quality of an album decides whether there will be a next one. This compilation album too is based on Legit Goons’ previous works. The production of the entire 15 tracks, the artwork and music videos, they did everything by themselves. They covered the small amount of production fees with the profit they made from selling merchandise. And this crew will continue to work independently, in their own way.

‘Junk Drunk Love’ Track List & Credits:
  1. Intro
  2. 7-Eleven
  3. Bad Thangs
  4. Skit: Junk Drunk Love
  5. Junk Drunk Love TITLE
  6. Young Scooter
  7. Trucker
  8. Surf Shop
  9. 너무나파라다이스
  10. Highway Inn
  11. Get Fresh
  12. Hawaiian Wolf
  13. Orange
  14. Outro
  15. 지난 여름 우린 (Bonus Track)

Executive Producers: LEGIT GOONS

Additional guitars by Park Jong Kwon
Background vocals by Lee Aram, LEGIT GOONS
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Authentic at superjam

MV directed by LEGIT GOONS

MV Teaser:

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Source: Mnet

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