Bassagong & Biglightbeatz - 구형코란도 (cover)

Legit Goons’ Bassagong and Biglightbeatz release single ‘구형코란도’

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As 야밤그루브 [Middle-of-the-Night Groove], Legit Goons’ Bassagong and beatmaker Biglightbeatz have released the single ‘구형코란도’ [Old-style Korando] today.

Biglightbeatz and Bassagong have continued to work together since they formed Middle-of-the-Night Groove in 2013. This single ‘구형코란도’ [Old-style Korando] will let listeners feel Middle-of-the-Night Groove’s special old-school sensitivity. Meanwhile, Bassagong will soon release his solo album too.

Beat by Biglightbeatz
Produced by Biglightbeatz, Jake
Chorus by Blnk-Time, Jayho
Engineered by Jake


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