KYEBUM-ZU - Good Life tracklist

KYEBUM-ZU releases tracklist of first full-length album coming July 30

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After pre-releasing ‘Good Life (Feat. Dok2 & The Quiett)’ on June 19, KYEBUM-ZU has now released the tracklist of his first full-length album that is set for release on July 30. The album is made up of 11 tracks of which three have already been released. His label PJR Entertainment said: “The title track of KYEBUM-ZU’s first full-length album is ‘Give It 2 U (Feat. P.O of Block B & NiiHWA)’ which he will perform for fans at concerts and other events when the album comes out.”

Tracklist (English translations only tentative):
01. Bucket List (Feat. Vernon of Seventeen)
02. YA해 [Sexy].
03. Give it 2 U (Feat. P.O of Block B & NiiHWA)
04. Good Life (Feat. Dok2 & The Quiett)
05. 잠깐 나올래 [Will You Come out for a Bit?] (Feat. 8Dro)
06. 왜이래 [Why Are You Like This?].
07. Beautiful
08. 퉤퉤퉤 [Ptooey!] (Feat. New Champ & Nucksal)
09. 낯선천장 [Unfamiliar Ceiling] (Feat. Moowoong of Baechigi)
10. Something Special (Feat. Dok2)
11. 28.5 (Feat. Jung-in)


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