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KKALCHANG of Buckwilds Crew has released his first EP album ‘ROCKSTEADY’ as well as the music video for the track ‘Man In The Mirror’.

The album has been made to represent the golden era of Korean hiphop, the 90s, concentrating on heavy and serious boom bap based on a dull drum sound. Especially the participation of legendary producer Che 先生1)read “seonsaeng” which means teacher J-U, who is known for having produced Garion’s very first album, will let you get a taste of the essence of Khiphop’s golden era. On top of this, the album features AOMG’s ELO, Buckwilds Crew’s head JTONG, VMC’s skilled rapper Nucksal, MKIT RAIN’s Owen Ovadoz, and more.

KKALCHANG wants to make steady and reliable music just like the album title suggests, and he has quite succeeded to do so with this release.

‘ROCKSTEADY’ is available on iTunes.

Tracklist and credits
  1. Toll Gate (Feat. DJ Knuckle)
    Produced by Vida Loca
    Lyrics by KKALCHANG
    Scratch & Cuts by DJ Knuckle
  2. In Da Place To Be (Feat. Nucksal, Owen Ovadoz)
    Produced by Vida Loca
    Lyrics by KKALCHANG, Nucksal, Owen Ovadoz
  3. 귀촌 (Returning Home) (Feat. JTONG)
    Produced by Che 先生 J-U
    Lyrics by KKALCHANG & JTONG
  4. I Got The Style (Feat. ELO)
    Produced by Che 先生 J-U
    Lyrics by KKALCHANG, ELO
    Composed by ELO
  5. Man In The Mirror
    Produced by Che 先生 J-U
    Lyrics by KKALCHANG
  6. Man In The Mirror (Demo Mix)
    Produced by Che 先生 J-U
    Lyrics by KKALCHANG

Executive Producer: Suk Chanwoo (Ddolbae), KKALCHANG
Co-Producer: Che 先生 J-U
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: nahzamsue
Art Direction & Design: Kim Junggyoo
Photography: Boobagraphy
MV Director: Seo Donghyuk
Production/A&R: STONESHIP


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