KIMOXAVI - Hold Up (cover art)

KIMOXAVI release second mini album ‘Hold Up’

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Hiphop duo KIMOXAVI have released their second EP ‘Hold Up’ as well as the title track’s music video of the same name.

KIMOXAVI are producer/rapper Ray Hill and rapper Fatal. The two debuted in February with the mini album ‘27%‘.

With Ray Hill at the center of the production process of their second EP ‘Hold Up‘, KIMOXAVI is showing that they are self-sufficient by writing, composing, recording, mixing, and mastering their own music, proving that they are truly self-made.
In February, the duo went to London to shoot the music video of their title track ‘Hold Up’ with the support of a local video director and staff. The duo’s goal was to spread a powerful and inspiring message on the web against racism. Their campaign is called “#flashlightchallenge” and says that “in the dark we’re all the same,” “stand up against racism.” They also did a homage to Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Where Is the Love?’ music video by going all around London to distribute #flashlightchallenge flyers. More information about the campaign can be found on their official website.

Scroll down for the music video and the official audios of the entire album!

Track List, Description & Credits:
  1. Hold Up
    Telling off the fakes that pretend to be real
  2. Hot Like Jordan
    “23 on my back,” KIMOXAVI say they’re confident to get results like Michael Jordan
  3. 직이네! (Killin It)
    This track is about the lifestyle of making efforts and having passion towards one’s goal, slowly heading toward success
  4. All I Do Is Flex
    In this track the two rap about their lives until now, all the changes and experiences they went through, and what their lives look like now

Produced by Ray Hill
Composed and arranged by Ray Hill
Lyrics written by Fatal, Ray Hill
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Ray Hill at UniqueTunes Studio

MV Director: Maisie Duff at SPRY Productions
D.O.P: Michael East at SPRY Productions
Lighting: Sophia Tang
Hair and Makeup: Harleigh Slaughter
Actresses: Choom, Sandra Caraan, Stephanie
Actor: Dallah
Video Effects: Maisie Duff at SPRY Productions
Colour: Michael East, Minhee Kim
Special Thanks in UK: Davide Cirillo at Toni & Guy Hammersmith, Sophia Tang, DAZE, Freya Bigg at

Executive Producer: Hyungmin Kim at UniqueTunes Records
Supervised by Ray Hill
A&R by Euph Kim
Marketing by Jee-eun Kang
Distribution and Promotion: Hojung Kim for CJ E&M MUSIC
Special thanks to Yonggyoon Goh, Kyunghee Lee, Gooksoon Joh, Kyung-wan Yoon, Dana (Françoise), André Garlaud, Yejin Son, DAZE, Minhee Kim, Min Jang, Dodan Kim, Donggyoo Kim, Jaewoo Shin, Gyoo Lee, Bliss, 래피 (Rappy?), LEX, What’s the Weather
UniqueTunes Records: Hyungmin Kim, Ray Hill, Alphamus, Minwoo Gil, Euph Kim, Fatal, DAZE, Jee-eun Kang, Newkilo, iut, Effy, Hayoung Kim and KIMOXAVI

‘Hold Up’ MV:

Official Audios:
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Source: Mnet

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