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Kim Dang and Terry release single ‘언팔 (Un Far)’

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Kim Dang and Terry have released their second collaboration ‘언팔 (Un Far)‘.

After ‘지금 뭐해 (Feat. 영서)‘ the two have released this single that is about the emotional change a man goes through after a break-up. Terry’s profound rap goes well with Kim Dang’s medium tempo beat.

The title ‘언팔 (Un Far)’ is the Korean abbreviation for the word ‘unfollow’ and refers to ex-lovers unfollowing each other on social networks. Veering away from the word’s meaning of ‘not following’, Terry and Kim Dang use it as ‘not far’. It expresses how two people try to end their relationship while they are still longing for and feeling close to each other.

‘Un Far’ is available on iTunes.

Written and composed by Kim Dang, Terry
Arranged by Kim Dang
Design by 설렘 (Seolllem)

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