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Killagramz releases ‘Faint’ EP and MV

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Killagramz of hiphop label Cycadelic Records has released his first mini album ‘좋아 죽어’ as well as the title track’s music video.

Since receiving a great lot of attention thanks to Show Me The Money 5 last year, Killagramz has released the single ‘Birthday (Feat. KidKat)‘, featured for artists like Sanchez and Reddy, and has been part of YPZ alongside Incredivle and Debi. He recently even worked as a reporter for Section TV, showing his cute, off-stage side. His serious, tough side can be admired in this EP.
Faint‘ includes four tracks and their instrumentals which were produced by Primetime Music’s ZZAPA, and by Zesty, who also produced Sanchez’s ‘Claustrophobia‘ and Microdot’s ‘K.B.B‘. The title track is about being at a party full of people with no place to set one’s feet, feeling stuffy as if one’s about to faint. It was remixed (track 4) by star composer Dohyun Kim who has worked with artists like Psy, Lee Hyori, and Shinhwa.

For the making of the music video and more fun videos surrounding ‘Faint’, head over to Cycadelic Records’ YouTube channel!

Track List & Credits:
  1. 좋아 죽어 (기절해) (Faint) TITLE
    Lyrics written by Killagramz | Composed by Zesty | Produced by Zesty
  2. Yamma (Feat. Absint)
    Lyrics written by Killagramz | Composed by ZZAPA | Produced by ZZAPA
  3. O.T.H. (Off The Handle)
    Lyrics written by Killagramz | Composed by Zesty | Produced by Zesty
  4. 좋아 죽어 (Faint) (D82 mix)
    Lyrics written by Killagramz | Composed by Zesty | Remixed by Dohyun Kim
  5. 좋아 죽어 (기절해) (Faint) (Inst.)
  6. Yamma (Inst.)
  7. O.T.H. (Off The Handle) (Inst.)
  8. 좋아 죽어 (Faint) (D82 mix) (Inst.)

Mixed by Sukmin Kim at Mapps Studio
Mastered by Jihoon Sung at JFS Studio
Artwork: Dawoom Lee at OVIS
Music Video Director: Taewoong Yoon at OVIS

Executive Producers, A&R Direction & Coordination, Artist Management, Artist Marketing & Promotion, Media Planning

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