Killagramz, Dasloe - Black Out (album cover)

Killagramz and Dasloe release single ‘Black Out’

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Killagramz of Futurepast has released the digital single ‘Black Out (Feat. Kidkat)‘ today which was produced by Dasloe.

With his unique rap style, Killagramz has made himself known through SMTM. For ‘Black Out’ he is collaborating with genius composer and producer Dasloe of Boston’s Berklee College of Music.
The song is a hiphop and R&B track that features singer Kidkat of Cycadelic Records.

‘Black Out’ on iTunes

Executive Producer: Jake dub
Producer: Dasloe
Lyrics: Killagramz
Composed by Dasloe, Killagramz
Arranged by Dasloe
Engineers: Dasloe, DaveyK
Album Cover: Sharon Cho
Performed by Killagramz, Kidkat
Guitar: Jaehun Kim
Piano: Dasloo
Bass: Dasloe
Drums: Dasloe
Synth: Dasloe
Strings: Dasloe

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