Keeproots - Kick&Snap (cover)

Keeproots releases single and MV ‘Kick&Snap (Feat. RHYME-A-, Naachal, Huckleberry P)’

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Kick&Snap Crew’s first official track ‘Kick&Snap’ has been released yesterday along with a music video.

The photography crew was founded on February 20, 2014, with the goal to capture the Korean hiphop scene in photos and videos.

The song lyrics talk about the Kick&Snap members’ view on and attitude towards hiphop. It is performed by Bulhandang Crew’s Keeproots, who also produced the track together with Fascinating. It features RHYME-A-, Huckleberry P, and Garion’s Naachal. The album artwork includes an original typography made by Studio Jot. The whole music video was of course filmed by Kick&Snap and does not only feature the crew members but also various other artists.

Every year, Kick&Snap have revealed a new slogan. “Hiphop through the Viewfinder,” “Movement for the Moments,” now it is “그 빛이 찾아낸 영혼이 보이는 피사체” (The subject that the soul sees that discovered the light). This track is a great present for all fans of Korean hiphop.


Executively produced by EtchForte for Kick&Snap
Produced by RHYME-A-, Keeproots, Fascinating
Composed by Keeproots, Fascinating
Lyrics by RHYME-A-, Naachal, Huckleberry P
Arranged by Keeproots, Fascinating
Recorded by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) @ Lighted Theater (불켜진 극장)
Mixed and mastered by Kim ‘K-Star’ Jaehong (김’케이스타’재홍) @ Lighted Theater (불켜진 극장)
Artwork designed by Studio Jot (스튜디오좋)
Music video produced by Kick&Snap

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Sources: Hiphop Playa, Naver Music