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Kanto releases EP ‘14216’

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Kanto of Brand New Music has released his first EP album ‘14216‘ today.

Kanto is known for being part of the group Troy together with Bumkey and for several featurings for artists like Seo Inyoung, 15&, Raina, Bada, or Rumble Fish. Three years after his debut he is now releasing his first mini album.
The album title stands for the two years from 2014 to 2016 that Kanto spent working on this album. The title track ‘Lonely’ is a tropical house – hiphop mix that was created by Brand New Music’s next-generation producer 9999. It also features singer-songwriter Eddy Kim who is trying out a completely new genre. The music video was directed by NAMSANFILM‘s Kang Seungwon who has also responsible for Crush’s ‘Oasis’ and Paloalto’s ‘Good Times’.
Kanto personally produced all tracks and it is evident how much his skills have improved. He received help from idol group Seventeen’s WOOZI, producer 9999, R&B singer Yang Dail, newcoming producer DOKO, Kang Minhee of Miss $, hit producer Primeboi and Brand New Music’s veteran producer Assbrass.
This album is Brand New Music’s first trainee rapper’s first big step as a solo artist, so make sure to give it a listen. You can check out the official album preview below!

‘14216’ is available on iTunes
Track List & Credits:
  1. 카엔티오 (SayMaName)
    Written by Kanto | Composed and arranged by Kanto, 9999
  2. 센 척 (Lonely) (Feat. Eddy Kim) TITLE
    Written by Kanto, 9999 | Composed and arranged by Kanto, 9999
    Music video | Making of
  3. 502
    Written by Kanto | Composed and arranged by Assbrass
  4. 선글라스 (Sunglasses) (Feat. 9999 of 1%)
    Written by Kanto, 9999 | Composed and arranged by 9999
  5. HATEU
    Written by Kanto | Composed and arranged by Primeboi
  6. 아뿔싸 (Ooops!) (Feat. Kang Minhee)
    Written by Kanto | Composed by Yang Dail, DOKO | Arranged by DOKO
  7. 요즈음 (YOSM) (Feat. WOOZI of Seventeen) Single
    Written by Kanto, Xepy | Composed by Xepy, Won Youngheon, 동네형 (Neighborhood-hyung), It’s B, Geum Myungsik | Arranged by Won Youngheon, 동네형 (Neighborhood-hyung)

Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
Produced by Kanto
Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio, Kim Sungho at Level 9 Studio
Mixed and mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab
Photos: Boobagraphy, Riverside_note
Art Direction & Design: ONLY BUILT FOR

Album Preview:

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