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Kanto releases digital single ‘요즈음 (YOSM)’

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Kanto has released the single요즈음 (YOSM)‘ [These Days] today, which delivers a positive message for the youth.

Kanto is known for being part of the group Troy and for several featurings for artists like Seo Inyoung, 15&, Raina, or Rumble Fish. This new single is a pre-release off his first EP ‘14216’. Its message is that if you live with a dream, you will be able to smile one day despite the tiring, repetitive every-day life. The beat was made by ‘동네형’ (Neighborhood-hyung) and Won Youngheon who produced hits like San E’s ‘Story of Someone I Know’ and Davichi’s ‘Two Lovers’. The melody line was made by producer Xepy. The track also features WOOZI of Seventeen, this being his first time featuring on anyone’s song ever.
The single also contains the track ‘카엔티오 (SayMaName)’ that is about doing your own thing without minding others.

‘YOSM’ is available on iTunes.
Track List & Credits:
  1. 요즈음 (YOSM) (Feat. WOOZI of Seventeen)
    Lyrics by Kanto, XEPY
    Composed by XEPY, Won Youngheon, 동네형 (Neighborhood-hyung), It’s B, Geum Myungsik
    Arranged by Won Youngheon, 동네형 (Neighborhood-hyung)
    Produced by XEPY, Won Youngheon, 동네형 (Neighborhood-hyung)
    Piano, keyboard, bass & drums by Won Youngheon, 동네형 (Neighborhood-hyung)
    Guitar by Bae Art (배아트)
    Chorus by WOOZI, Kang Minhee
    Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio, Kim Seungho at Level 9 Studio
    Mixed & mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab
  2. 카엔티오 (SayMaName)
    Lyrics by Kanto
    Composed and arranged by Kanto, 9999
    Keyboard, bass & drums by 9999
    Chorus by Kang Minhee, HWA.B
    Recorded by 9999 at BRANDNEW MUSIC Studio
    Mixed & mastered by Master Key at MasterPiece SoundLab

Executive Producer: Rhymer a.k.a Mr. BIG Daddy for BRANDNEW MUSIC
Producer: Kanto
Photo: Boobagraphy
Art Direction & Design: ONLY BUILT FOR

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