Kambo - Jus Nobody (cover)

Kambo releases new single and MV ‘Jus Nobody’

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Yesterday, February 5, Kambo of the Starfield Industry crew has released a new single titled ‘Jus Nobody’.

It features his fellow crew members singer/producer Mateo and rapper Chillin Ovatime. It was mixed and mastered by PowerPlay who belongs to the crew that works together with Steve Jablonsky, the sound designer of the movie ‘Transformers’, and with the sound designer of Star Wars. The single’s cover was designed by ‘밎’, and the music video directed by crew member macho GRANDE.

The single is available on iTunes.

Executive producer: Kambo
Producer: Taz Taylor
Recording studio: Starfield Records
Recording engineer: Kambo
Mixing engineer: PowerPlay
Mastering studio: Starfield Records
Mastering engineer: PowerPlay
Musicians: Kambo, Chillin Ovatime, Mateo
MV directed by macho GRANDE
Cover designed by 밎



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