Jung Sangsoo - 부산을 대표해 (cover)

Jung Sangsoo releases second single ‘부산을 대표해’ [Represent Busan]

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Jung Sangsoo, competitor on Mnet’s Show Me The Money seasons 3 and 4, has released his second single ‘부산을 대표해’ [Represent Busan].

His first single ‘Color Glasses’ included the track ‘달이 뜨면’ [When the Moon is Up] and ‘명사수’ [Marksman] which he performed on Show Me The Money, this single includes the new original track ‘부산을 대표해’ [Represent Busan] which shows Jung Sangsoo’s identity.
The city Busan that holds his personal musical identity is the topic of the track. It is filled with Jung Sangsoo’s rhymes about his life and hopes at the sea in Busan where he grew up, discovered hiphop, and has been living until now.

The single also includes two remixes of the track ‘명사수’ [Marksman] and the acoustic version of his track ‘달이 뜨면’ [When the Moon is Up].

As for ‘명사수’ [Marksman], there is the ‘grand version’ which Jung Sangsoo made together with South Town Production’s Merry J. and Lil.zay. There are two other remixed beats made personally by Jung Sangsoo. The acoustic version of ‘달이 뜨면’ [When the Moon is Up] features South Town Production’s representing singer Estell, as well as guitarist Kim Daeho and drummer Son Jooyoung, delivering a brand new version of the song.

It is no doubt that this single is made up of hot tracks which you should listen to this summer.


01. 부산을 대표해 [Represent Busan].
02. 명사수 [Marksman] (Grand Mix Ver.)
03. 달이 뜨면 (광대) [When the Moon is Up (Clown)] Acoustic (Feat. Estell)
04. 명사수 [Marksman] (Jung Sangsoo Mix Ver.)
05. 부산을 대표해 [Represent Busan] (Inst.)
06. 명사수 [Marksman] (Grand Mix Ver.) (Inst.)



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