Jung Sangsoo - Hiphop Style Rap (cover)

Jung Sangsoo releases new single ‘Hiphop Style Rap’

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Jung Sangsoo who can currently be seen in the web series ‘Swaggers Made in USA’ has released a new single today.

‘Hiphop Style Rap’ lets you enjoy simple but strong hiphop music. It is made up of Justin Jiyoon’s old-school beat and DJ YAHBOO’s powerful scratching, and was mastered by Tom Jessup.

If Jung Sangsoo’s previous tracks were made in memory of Mobb Deep, one could say that this single smells of KRS-One and Wu-Tang Clan. Now that old-style beats are experiencing a rise in popularity with artists like nafla, they are the best fit for Jung Sangsoo.

Lyrics by Jung Sangsoo
Composed by Justin Jiyoon
Arranged by Oh Jongsoo


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