Jung Sangsoo - Color Glasses (cover)

Jung Sangsoo releases first single ‘Color Glasses’

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Jung Sangsoo, famous for being on Show Me The Money seasons 3 and 4, has released his first single album ‘Color Glasses’. The album includes the title track ‘달이 뜨면 (광대)’ [When the Moon is Up], which he performed on SMTM3 before, as well as Jung Sangsoo’s self-made tracks ‘명사수’ [Marksman] and ‘절대 안 놓쳐’ [Never Gonna Miss].

01. 달이 뜨면 (광대) [When the Moon is Up].
02. 명사수 [Marksman].
03. 절대 안 놓쳐 [Never Gonna Miss].
04. 달이 뜨면 (광대) [When the Moon is Up] (Inst.)

The title track ‘달이 뜨면’ [When the Moon is Up] tells of the hope he has found in his life of joy and sorrow thanks to hiphop music. The original track by JUSTIN Ji-yoon was re-arranged by Southtown Production’s MERRY J. and RAY into a smooth jazz track accompanied by guitarist Kim Daeho’s groovy guitar sound. Together with Jung Sangsoo’s straightforward rap, they build a sensuous collaboration giving the listener the feeling of listening to a rapper in Busan on Yeongdo Bridge with the sunset in the background. Jung Sangsoo has been the subject of conversation during SMTM3 due to other things besides rap, gaining a lot of haters. The single’s title is ‘Color Glasses’ [Colored Glasses] because Jung Sangsoo wants people to genuinely look at his belief towards music [and not wear ‘colored glasses’ and be biased].



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