Joosuc - I Kno (album cover)

Joosuc releases single and MV ‘I Kno (Feat. Sanchez)’

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Together with D.O. and Sanchez, Joosuc has released the digital single ‘I Kno‘ yesterday.

It has an eighties retro sound and D.O.’s typical funky bass line. With its happy mood, the track is somewhat different from the music style Joosuc has presented so far. It is about two lovers getting to know each other.

‘I Kno’ on iTunes

Produced by D.O., Joosuc
Lyrics by Joosuc
Composed & arranged by D.O., Kim Jinhwan
Recorded by Kim Jinhwan
Chorus by Park Chiwoong
Mixed and mastered by Master Key @ MasterPiece SoundLab
Artwork by Colin H.
Executive Producer: Suk Gwang-il for KMG
Promotion & Artist Management Director: Lee Jin-gyoo for KMG
MV directed by Contra$t

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Source: Mnet