Jooheon X Black Nut - ㄴㄴ (No No) cover

Jooheon and Black Nut release ‘ㄴㄴ (No No) (prod. Genius Nochang)’

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Starship Entertainment rapper Jooheon (of idol group Monsta X) recently collaborated with Just Music Entertainment producer Genius Nochang and artist Black Nut in a track titled ‘ㄴㄴ’ (No No).

In collaboration with Just Music producer Genius Nochang and rapper Black Nut, the track ‘ㄴㄴ’ (No No) is a playful diss between rapper idols and “underground Hongdae” rappers. Full translations will be posted soon.

Idol rapper Jooheon first “debuted” in the MNET idol survival program called ‘NO.MERCY.’ His upcoming album will feature various artists such as Mad Clown and SISTAR.

Check out the track below: