Joe Rhee - Insane (Feat. San E) album cover

Joe Rhee releases single ‘Insane (Feat. San E)’

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Joe Rhee, who amongst others featured on San E’s first full-length album and released the album ‘OJ’ together with Owen Ovadoz, has released the single ‘Insane (Feat. San E)’ today.

On a refined beat, Joe Rhee’s soulful vocals and San E’s emotional rap come together to create a witty and bright atmosphere of insanity. The two artists have already worked together on San E’s track ‘Using You’ off his album ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf‘.

Tracklist and credits:
1. Insane
Lyrics by Joe Rhee, San E
Composed and arranged by Joe Rhee, 24
2. Insane (Inst.)

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Sources: R.O.K Hiphop, Naver Music