J;KEY - Prometheus Bound EP (cover)

J;KEY releases second EP ‘Prometheus Bound’

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J;KEY of KINGdumbs has released his second EP album today titled ‘Prometheus Bound’.
His first EP album ‘SOBER TRIP’ came out last year in July.
You can listen to previews of the new tracks off ‘Prometheus Bound’ on J;KEY’s Instagram.

Tracklist (tentative English titles in squared brackets):
01. 이단아 [Maverick].
02. WON (Feat. Changmo)
03. The Worst Dresser
04. Gynophobia (Feat. D-Hack, Rakon)
05. 무명 [Nameless].
06. Jet Lag
07. Pirates Roulette (Feat. LT, Anjake)
08. Prometheus Bounde (Feat. Rakon)

Executively produced by J;KEY
All tracks produced by J;KEY
Lyrics by J;KEY, Changmo, D-Hack, LT, Anjake
Vocal by J;KEY, Changmo, D-Hack, LT, Anjake, Rakon
Recorded, mixed & mastered by J;KEY @ J;511505
Artwork by Charlie Choi


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