JJK - THNK U SMMR II (cover)

JJK releases single ‘THNK U SMMR II’

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JJK, head of the ADV crew who have been leading Korean hiphop’s street culture, has released the maxi single ‘THNK U SMMR II’ today.

The single is quite different from his full-length album ‘고결한 충돌’ [Noble Collision] that’s been released at the beginning of the year. The maxi single’s songs are about JJK’s thoughts and feelings for the summer. The title track ‘Thank You, Summer II’ makes you feel like you are in the middle of a fun party and features R&B diva Satbyeol, ‘서교 말리부 2015’ [Seokyo Malibu 2015] features daze alive’s Don Malik who graduated from JJK’s rap academy 326-2KIDS. Then there is the track ‘좋으네 [Nice]’ that was produced by ADV’s gJ, which is doing its own part to add to the maxi single’s hot summer feeling.

01. Thank You, Summer II (Feat. Satbyeol)
02. 좋으네 [Nice].
03. 서교 말리부 2015 [Seokyo Malibu 2015] (Feat. Don Malik)


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