Jinbo - KRNB2 Part 1 (cover art)

Jinbo releases ‘KRNB2 Part 1’

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Korean R&B producer and singer-songwriter Jinbo has revealed the first part of his epic remake project album ‘KRNB2’ with featurings by Crush and Hoody, SUMIN, G.Soul, and Nahzam Sue.

In 2012, Jinbo received a lot of praise for remaking KPop hit songs in the R&B genre, now the producer is back with more!
R&B producer and singer-songwriter Jinbo won the award for Best R&B/Soul Song at the 11th Korean Music Awards in 2014. He has worked with Beenzino, E SENS, Zion.T, Crush, Peejay, Hoody, Dok2, and more talented artists of the scene and he has produced among others for f(x), SHINee, BTS, and Red Velvet.

KRNB2 Part 1‘ reveals four of altogether ten songs, including remakes of the late Deux-member Kim Sung-jae’s ‘So to Say (말하자면)’, 015B’s ‘Very Long Term Lovers (아주 오래된 연인들)’, Yoon Soo Il’s ‘A.P.T. (아파트)’, and Twice’s ‘TT’.
The title track ‘So to Say’ marks the first time in 22 years that Kim Sung-jae’s only solo track is being remade and it features both Crush and AOMG’s Hoody. ‘Very Long Term Lovers’ features G.Soul and is his very first official release since moving labels. Also featured are Sultan of the Disco’s Nahzam Sue, well-known also for his mixing and mastering work, and singer SUMIN who recently released her second mini album ‘Sparkling‘.

‘KRNB2 Part 2’ is expected to feature an incredible line-up of artists as well, having everyone anticipate its release. Check out the teaser for the music video of ‘So to Say (Feat. Crush, Hoody)’ below as well as The Cut Studio’s visual story with English subtitles by Changstarr!

‘KRNB2 Part 1’ on iTunes
Track List & Credits:
  1. TT (Feat. SUMIN)
    Lyrics written by Sam Lewis | Composed by Black Eyed Pilseung | Arranged by SUMIN, Jinbo
  2. 아주 오래된 연인들 (Very Long Term Lovers) (Feat. G.Soul)
    Lyrics written by Sukwon Jung | Composed by Sukwon Jung | Arranged by Jinbo
  3. 아파트 (A.P.T) (Feat. Nahzam Sue)
    Lyrics written by Yoon Soo Il | Composed by Yoon Soo Il | Arranged by Nahzam Sue, Jinbo
  4. 말하자면 (So to Say) (Feat. Crush, Hoody) TITLE
    Lyrics written by D.O | Composed by D.O | Arranged by Sailli, Jinbo

Source: Mnet