Jerry.k - You're Not A Man (Feat. Rico) cover

Jerry.k releases new single ‘You’re Not A Man (Feat. Rico)’

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In 2012, many loved and identified with Jerry.k’s “You’re Not A Lady” with its insightful lyrics and the extremely appealing vocals of Zion.T over Gray’s groovy beat. Now the song’s successor has come with “You’re Not a Man (feat. Rico)”.

Jerry.k has recently addressed and apologized for the fact that a component of the song is discrimination against women, so with this new track he looks into the gender issue from another point of view. “Men have to be like this or that,” he questions these definitions of a desirable life for men, the so-called “Man Box”, and emphasizes that living life outside of those set ideas will bring greater freedom to both men and women.

“You’re Not A Man” was produced by Humbert who has shown great chemistry with Jerry.k with the recent singles “Believe”, “Studio Gangstas” and more, the track also features R&B singer Rico who is also Jerry.k’s labelmate from daze alive. Do check out their perfect harmony! The single is available on iTunes!

Produced by Humbert
Lyrics by Jerry.k & Rico
Vocals inspired by “Jerry.k – You’re Not a Lady (feat. Zion.T)”
Vocals composed by Jerry.k & Rico
Vocals performed by Rico
Recorded by Goo Jahoon at 109 SOUND
Mixed & mastered by Park Kyungsun at Boostknob
Mixing & mastering assisted by Choi Daeyul
Artwork by Jerry.k


Source: ROKHipHop